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Top Ten Reasons to buy my Book

10. I could get enough gas money together to go to the 2006 Gathering over in Michigan.

9. If you don’t like my book, you could take it to the next bookburning in your neck of the woods.

8. You could call me a promoter of reading, so you got to pull yourself away from the Internet, MTV, DVDs, Video games, Cellphones, and listening to those IPODs and read my book.

7. If you buy my book I won’t have to think about writing a series of 'How to Books." the first one would be “How to listen to the Oldies but Goodies radio station all day long and drive your kids up the wall.”

6. It costs only $11.95

5. You can determine if I am really a combat poet or if that is only a passing delusion.

4. You can get the book autographed and impress your girlfriend or wife or your boyfriend or husband (or maybe not...!)

3. If you buy my book I won’t have to start thinking of writing my second “How to book.” one that I would call “How to be a Medicine Man and charge $200.00 dollars per person to go into your sweat.”

2. You could say “Hey, I know that guy!"

1. If you buy my book, I won’t have to start on my last “How to book.” one that would be a certain New York Times best-seller called “How to be a Native Writer and get Rich on the Internet

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